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  • We offer the largest selection Roidal Swimwear in the world, possibly even more than Roidal‘s own site and have been awarded Roidals Leading Reseller award

    This is a Roidal Swimwear UK shop, this website for the appreciation of Roidal the swimwear designer and also a place you can see all their photography and find a place to purchase their beautiful swimsuits.

You can see nearly every item Roidal is currently selling and find a place to purchase them from. Simply click on any photo and you will be taken to a page where a larger and more detailed high definition image can be seen. Also, we're partnered with a number of other websites, so if ou really like a design, clicking on it will take you to a place where they'll have the item in stock and ready to be shipped straight to your address.

We don't sell these swimsuits ourselves, so we aren't going to try and convince you the design is right for you if it really isn't. We send you to a trusted retailer that we have used before and fully endorse.

But what about items that are no logner available? Some items from Roidal are no longer being sold, as most of what they release are fashion items. As the iventory of many sites and shops sells quickly, we can't always take the image down or label it as sold out straight away, however if an item is not available from one of our recommended sellers, our site will automatically send you to a big list of only the items that are available, so you don't have to click through them all to see if each and every one.