The History Of Roidal Swimwear

Roidal is one of the most well established brands in the designer swimwear world. It was founded in the 1970s in Barcelona. With nearly a half century of experience, they‘ve managed to build a knowledge base that is absolutely unbeatable.

The Roidal brand started with swimwear and have stayed with swimwear. Rather than expanding into other markets, they have remained a purely beachwear orientated company, relaying on their strengths and not being too experimental with their releases.

For many decades, they rivalled brands like Gottex by creating the very best swimwear out there. Whether it be a bikini, swimsuit or kaftan, Roidal had just what you needed. They still make all these different types of clothing today and are always getting better at it. They still create some of the very best quality items of this kind, but their range of products has evolved beyond just swimsuits. They create beach bags and other accessory items too.

Nowadays, Roidal‘s main business is core swimwear. They love the idea of a garment that has the very best qualities, made from the very best materials. Swimwear can be put under a lot of strain, from the chemicals you find in the pool to the scraping on teh fabric as you slide in from the edge. This is why Roidal‘s swimwear is designed with quality and exceptionally long lasting materials in mind.

Move forward to the last couple of years and Roidal are most often associated their wonderful designs, inspired by the beautiful Spanish countryside and beaches that surround them. It is synonymous with the brand and has become a defining mark on their work. Their gorgeous Mediterranean style of design is known all over the industry as a sign and hallmark of beauty and originality. People who love swimwear and beach fashion know that the name Roidal means you‘ll get a swimsuit with amazingly high standards of manufacture and design.

When you buy a modern Roidal swimsuit, you can expect it to look incredibly beautiful 10 years from now and to not have a scratch on it. Their work is a promise to all who invest in a item at one of their retailers. The promise is that you‘ll be wearing one of the most exceptional items of swimwear

Roidal have delivered on this promise too. No matter what item you pick, you will find that it lasts for years longer than any other garment and remains looking as fresh and in style as the day you bought it. Their work is only going to get better, too. With exceptionally high benchmarks, they have nowhere to go but up.

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